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The Food

The Ingredients

burritoWe strive to provide great value, healthy food using the best possible ingredients. Our salads and vegetables are collected from Bristol Fruit Market on the day we head off to our event. Our meats come from very happy animals and supplied by our local butcher in South Gloucestershire.

The provenance of our food is really important to us. Our aim is to be as true as possible to the original recipes we found on our travels in the Latin Americas. Our salsas and sauces are made on the morning the day they will be served. All of our foods are free from hydrogenated fats and unnecessary additives & preservatives. As everything is made individually for each customer, all of our menu options are suitable for vegetarians & vegans.

The Burritos

Mike BurritoNow, we love all of our food, but we especially love our burritos. We think they are pretty special. Before beginning this adventure we scoured the universe looking for inspiration on ingredients, rolling techniques and spice mixes to marinate our tasty meats in. It was a difficult task but we stuck to it.  We coupled this with the knowledge we brought back from countries such as Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and Peru and thousands of burritos later we are extremely happy with everything we serve, every time. The amount of extras and toppings we offer mean there are hundreds of possible combinations to choose from, our staff are there to coax and cajole the customer into choosing the best possible combinations for the perfect burrito. We see ourselves as the burrito builder and the customer the architect! We love sharing our knowledge of chillis and the origins  & history of the food we serve. We know how satisfying a good burrito is and we want to share that with our customers – it’s a joint effort!

Our entire kitchen is on show at all times so festival goers can see what’s going on and going into our food.